Private Energy Management session

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Why do I need guidance around managing energy? 

Well… here’s what all ancient systems of health and well being discovered: Learning to efficiently manage your energy is the way to a healthier, happier, more sustainable way of living.

AND there’s MORE…

this is how you can LIVE to your FULL POTENTIAL!

Learning to manage energy is a daily practice and takes some discipline at first.

It’s also not easy when life entices you to continue to LEAK. Society will suck you dry of your vitality and inner harmony if you let it.

How do I know if I am LEAKING my mojo/vital energy?…

…Do ONE or more of the following ring true for you?

Are you feeling perpetually tired; depleted; confused- find it hard to make decisions; lack focus and direction; bloated; constipated; diarrhoea/loose bowels; digestive issues; anxiety; frustration; irritable; low/subdued; groggy especially in the mornings; problems sleeping etc?

These are each a symptom of energy LEAK.

As individuals we can deplete energy through every action or non action, thoughts, words, deeds. Even through things that are supposed to be “good” for us. I know… kind of difficult to get my head round too at times!


DISCOVER HOW to manage your energy more efficiently for a healthier, happier more sustainable way of living.


The TOOLS:  I experience, learn and share potent tools gathered from ancient systems of health tailored to modern day wellbeing. I use coaching skills and intuitive energy work to offer simple and effective energy management techniques for anyone to use.

How Emily can support you to finding a healthier, happier day to day existence.

  • Ayurveda Health consultation (60 or 75 minutes). These can be managed via Skype or face to face.
  • One to one mentoring (60, 75 or 90 minutes) including energy management skills, health counselling etc.
  • Private Yoga & Meditation to relax, replenish, revitalise
  • Retreats- these are powerful offerings. See below
  • Private cooking and nutrition workshops in your own home or a selected venue.

NEW: Private mini retreat package– Yoga & Ayurveda health and detox retreats (from 2-7 days). These take place at my home space in East Sussex or in your own home space if facilities permit. I offer an Ayurvedic consultation before the retreat, a specific schedule designed to support your health and help you LEARN how you can begin supporting your health on a. Day to day basis. I cook 3 meals a day to harmonise and strengthen digestive health (when we digest our food properly we can digest our thoughts and emotions). I guide a daily practice of conscious breathing, meditation (tailored to the individuals standard) and yoga asana. The package can also include: one to one mentoring and personal development practice; Ayurvedic oil massage treatment (abhyanga); dinacharya: cleansing of the senses treatment.


These mini private retreats are proving increasingly popular. Email me to enquire/book.