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“Your own Self-Realization

is the greatest service

you can render the world.”

― Sri Ramana Maharshi

I’ve always been a “seeker”

I discovered yoga in 2001 whilst searching for a remedy for insomnia and something to tame my frantic student mind. I later encountered the transformational practices of Ayurveda (slightly by accident!) in Kerala in 2006. Little did I know that these ancient practices were to open up a deep chasm of intrigue, self-study and adventure which was to become a life path.

HOW I share these teachings and practices

I offer private sessions, workshops and courses across London and in Europe. I lead rejuvenating wellbeing  retreat weekends in the depths of the Sussex countryside as well as annual week long retreats in the wild Andalusian countryside, Greek Islands and India. I select venues in peaceful, natural surroundings. I am inspired by the great outdoors and I believe in the power of nature and it’s ability to heal. Spending time in nature it an vital part of creating a better state of health on all levels.

I mentor and coach people through life transitions and how to cultivate better relationships with themselves and others.  I am an Ayurvedic Health Care practitioner and offer regular one to one consultations on diet, routine and lifestyle for those wanting to make positive changes to their physical and emotional health. I teach, lecture and mentor on Yoga Teacher Trainings (200&300hrYA) in London and more recently Berlin. I have cultivated a form of body and energetic work called Sattvic Touch Therapy. This is a potent combination of hands on body and energy work combining the principles from traditional Thai massage,  Ayurvedic Marma Therapy, Reiki and Intuitive Energy Work.

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My mother, an established reiki and radionics practitioner, encouraged me to find a healing path to ease my mind and reduce insomnia. So, in 2001, I started attending a weekly yoga class – and although there was not a great “ah-ha” moment, something kept drawing me back. With a consistent practice, noticeable and positive changes started to seep in to my life.


Before I knew it, years had started to go by and my practice became committed. I began to “wake up”.

Wake up to who I was, to what inspired me in life and my path in it. Increasingly I felt the desire to teach, guide, inspire, uplift, mentor and help people find a greater understanding of themselves and life around them. Using the tools of yoga, ayurveda, meditation and more Unitive Personal and Professional Development Coaching (TM), I help people to create better relationships with themselves and others, as well as carve out a life that supports better health and overall contentment. 


I discovered the healing power of Ayurveda in 2006, while in Kerala on a yoga/travel adventure. This is the oldest, time tested science of health that originated from India.  Regardless of its age and roots- it provides modern day people with an incredibly effective framework for creating better health on all levels. I use Ayurveda to encourage people to live with intelligence and in harmony with their dosha, for greater overall health. Find out more about Ayurveda on the Ayurveda page.


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WHY DID I CHOOSE YOGA & AYURVEDA or Why did I choose a life of BALANCE?

“Well really Yoga chose me…I’m not sure I had much choice in the matter!”

The experience and teachings of Yoga caught me at the right time. The more I teach the more I see it’s knack of finding you when you need it most, and are ready for it. Yoga takes commitment and in return, it offers a path to a happier, healthier and more realised existence. It has taught me to move through the ebbs and flows of life with greater ease and acceptance. As a result, I find I can meet challenges in a more measured way without causing deep stress to myself or those around me.

On a daily basis it reminds me to keep things simple, as well as continuing to heal my body, mind and spirit. Seeing the positive in all things and attempting to live to my fullest potential…

…who doesn’t want these things?!

I am grateful to all the teachers who have inspired me most, namely:

Vedanta teacher and international Jyotish Drew Lawrence; Myra Lewin of Hale Pule: Yoga & Ayurveda; Sarah and Alan Finger of ISHTA Yoga;  Dr Ramadas and Dr Ram Kumar of Vaidyagrama; Dr Charles Bentley for opening my eyes even more!

Every year, I spend time in an Ayurvedic community in Tamil Nadu, South India where I guide Ayurveda retreats and continue my own studies with Dr A.R. Ramadas.

This is a lifelong journey. I continue to explore, travel and spend time with teachers whom I believe communicate deep truths and leave their egos  (judgement and prejudices) out. This is how I hope to share.

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