You come to one of my sessions – your tired. Stressed. Your mind is scattered. It’s the end of a long day, week, month.

Maybe you have no idea why you’ve come. It just seemed a better alternative to going to the gym and someone told you that yoga is supposed to be “good” for you.

You slowly begin to move your body.

You breathe. You stretch. You open and gradually rinse out the physical tensions of the day.

You feel heat rising. You are challenged in your body and also in your mind as you hold certain poses amid the flow.

As you make more space in your body, you make more space for your breath. The breath flows. You begin to feel better. Your mind is more at ease.

After a while you find you can be still. You sit and let yourself be guided in to meditation using breath techniques and visualisation.

Your breath slows down.

Your mind slowly quietens.

In the pauses between the breath you find a place of stillness. A lightness. A quiet. Where none of the attachments of life or it’s complications are weighing you down.

Even if you experience this for a millisecond … this is a true taste of yoga.

This my friends what I hope to offer you in my sessions.

My aim is to help you find a happy balance in your life. An easeful way of living and being. From my experience we cultivate this by finding stillness within on a regular basis. The techniques I use are meditation, pranayama and yoga asana.  I guide the best I can to help you find the calm, clarity and strength that already exists within you. The rest of it…commitment, focus etc is up to you.

The Tools

  • ISHTA Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Vinyasa (slow flowing asana)
  • Ayurvedic Consultation: Lifestyle & Nutrition for your individual type
  • Gentle Yoga/Yoga for Relaxation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga for Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Stress
  • Mindful Pre & Post Natal
  • Yoga for a Happier Healthier Life!


Emily is ERYT500hrs qualified. She teaches on the ISHTA 200hr & 300hr yoga Teacher Trainings in London. She continues to travel and study with her teachers namely Clive Sheridan, Alan and Sarah Finger, Katrina Repka and her Jyotish and Vedic philosophy teacher Drew Lawrence. She spends time each year in an ayurvedic community in Tamil Nadu, South India where she studies Ayurvedic philosophy and theory with Dr A.R. Ramadas.


I’ve regularly attended Emily’s weekly classes and yoga retreats for over 4 years. Before I met Emily I subscribed to the dynamic, vinyasa yoga methods; however once I started Emily’s classes, my entire outlook on yoga changed. Emily showed me the benefits of a mindful yoga practice. I always leave Emily’s classes feeling more balanced and recharged.

Sabrina, SW11


“I’ve been taking group classes, private classes, workshops and retreats with Emily. The reason I choose her over the endless list of Yoga teachers is because she is very special. I find her genuine, true, wise. With her guidance I have deepened my yoga practice and understanding of it especially with regards to through to my individual being.
The after effect of her classes remain with me- and I’m not just talking about the muscular aches I sometimes get due to the deeper and more complex Asanas I always ask her for! She offers a deeper level in her sessions whether they are related to Ayurveda or Philosophical aspects of the practice.”

Sue, West London


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